Labeling through Life

Labeling through Life

Posted on: January 10th, 2019 by Open Space Organizing


Now that you are organized, how do you STAY that way?  By making sure everything has a home and is returned to its home!  


Once you move things around in the process of GETTING organized, it’s easy to forget what you put where – label the shelf or space so you can replace it where it belongs after you’re finished using it.  


Keeps everyone in the house on the same page – my family always gave me a hard time, but low and behold – no excuses left for why they didn’t put the pasta strainer away!  


Kids can be more independent because they know where things go (this one applies to husbands too!) there’s no more “MOOOOOOOM!  Where’s my ____???” Because it’s labeled, they know where it lives!