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Closet Clean Out!

Posted on: April 2nd, 2019 by Open Space Organizing


Here in the midwest, some of us have a tradition, where we need to take all of our winter clothes out of our closet and replace them with our summer wardrobe.  As I think about it now, it seems so completely ridiculous!  But, it was a tradition in our house growing up that at some point during my spring break, we all had to do the Great Wardrobe Swap.


Now that I’m a bit more organized (and I have stopped outgrowing all of my clothes), and I have much less clothing that I used to, I have stopped doing this closet swap twice yearly.  It has taken some time, and multiple clean-outs, but I am in LOVE with every single item in my closet, and it’s actually so easy to get dressed in the morning!  No more “I have NOTHING to wear”, because I only have clothes that I love!


The first thing to do is to remove all your clothing from the closet.  If there are clothes hidden in other spaces, storage, closets, etc. take all of that out too.  The goal is to have all your clothes in one closet.  Next, look over each item.  If you don’t absolutely love it, it’s ok to let it go.


Do not worry about “my mother loves this sweater” – if you hate it, it’s ok to let it go.  Don’t get hung up on “well, these are so stylish” or “maybe I’ll fit in them one day” (what could be more sad?!), it’s OK TO LET IT GO.


At the end of the day, I would always much rather have only 5 tops that I am in love with than 50 that I don’t love.  It makes my life feel FULL of LOVE and happy!!