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Change Takes Time

Posted on: April 6th, 2020 by Open Space Organizing

Change Takes Time

A changing world requires changes in us

After three weeks of quarantine, I’m not sure if anyone really has it “figured out” quite yet.  What I have found is that each new day requires me to take a look at what worked the day before, and make some minor tweaks to my family’s schedule.  I have found that exercising, eating well and drinking water make all the difference for me.  Reading or listening to an audiobook works for me.  What works for you?  What minor changes are you making day to day to make this time more livable?


I’m currently listening to the audiobook, “Own the Day, Own Your Life” by Aubrey Marcus.  In it, he suggests starting the day with a full glass of water – and THEN the coffee.  Ok, he suggests adding a teaspoon of sea salt to your water, but let’s not get too crazy too fast here.  I have been doing it, and I do see a difference in my mood and productivity already.  I checked it out from my public library, for FREE too!

Take your time

Of course on day one we all thought, “yes! My home will be spotless and perfectly organized in no time!”  For how many people did that actually happen?  What you can do is realize that all of these things – getting your home in order included – takes time.  Thankfully, many of us have a little extra time lately.  Take the time to connect with others, do a bit of organizing each and every day, and make your world at home the happiest one you possibly can.

Let it be

Yes, I am not afraid to quote John Lennon here, “Let It Be”.  Do you have that song stuck in your head now? Because I do.

Give yourself a lot of grace.  If you didn’t accomplish what you thought you’d do in the past 3 weeks, let it go.  Give it until tomorrow, and try again.  Or don’t!  It’s all really ok.  Make your world a happy place.