Home Schooling Tips

  1. Designate/create a home schooling space (if possible create separate spaces in multiple rooms for quiet study, art class, or reading class)
  2. Keep your school space clutter free, remove any items not needed for schooling
  3. Remove noise and visual distractions as able
  4. Create a space to keep home schooling supplies (bin, book shelf, file cabinet, drawers)
  5. Design and follow a simple schedule, include break times (firm start and end times)
  6. Divide the day up and follow a routine (activity time, learning time, creative time, study time, outside time, etc.)
  7. Create simple learning goals (finish 5 math problems, do 1 art project, read 4 pages, etc)
  8. Celebrate successes
  9. Create incentives (late bedtime, favorite treat, praise, stickers, etc.)
  10. Be kind to yourself