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Opportunity to Clear Clutter, Fall

Posted on: October 26th, 2016 by Open Space Organizing

Opportunity to Clear Clutter, Fall

Fall Inspiration Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

Fall Inspiration
Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

Fall is here and it brings an opportunity to clear clutter from our lives as there is a natural shift in routines, activities, clothes, even food as the weather begins to change and daylight hours shorten. This change in season encourages us to take some time to contemplate and review what things are working for us in our lives, schedules and spaces, and what things are not. This is an opportunity to embrace growth and change.

When you look at your life do you find areas that are stagnant? Spots where things just sit, no movement, no growth, no awareness of what is even there? Like old boxes piled up in the corner, is your mind filled with thoughts that no longer serve you? We sort and purge our spaces to bring back fresh energy and life. This technique is also useful for our minds. Take a look at and get rid of what you are holding onto that is not useful, like negative thoughts, old ways of doing things, old ways of looking at yourself or the world. Decide what thoughts to keep and what thoughts to purge.

Once the old has been cleared from your mind you now have space available to set new goals. You can see where you are. This is an important step that can allow you to see the direction you want to take next and allow you to clearly visualize the road ahead of you and your end result.

Clearing clutter from your mind to open yourself to new possibilities can be freeing, just as clearing the physical clutter in your space is freeing. Many times after working with a client to de-clutter I hear comments about how they feel so much lighter, a weight has been lifted and they feel free. Clients breathe a sigh of relief at being able to see the the top of their dresser, or they are thrilled to be able to walk into their closet, as the floor is now clear. They are amazed at the new space they have found, and how this change in their environment lifts their mood and gives them a feeling of hope and renewal. They feel relieved!

Making a shift and clearing the clutter from our minds or our spaces alters our perspectives and our moods in ways we do not expect. Whether you start with changes in your space or you start with changes in your mind the important thing is to start! Use this change of season to spark a change in your life!