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Minimalist On Your List

Posted on: December 21st, 2018 by Open Space Organizing

What do you give the person who wants LESS in their home?  Here are five ideas to get you started!  Comment below with more!


  1.  Massage, hair cut or mani/pedi. Who doesn’t love a little pampering!  Most of us – moms especially – don’t make time for self-care. Help mom out this year and let her relax!
  2.  Food or wine.  Friend have a favorite wine or snack from that specialty shop that’s a little far from them?  Pop in and grab their most loved flavors – maybe they’ll even share!
  3.  Passes or tickets to the museum, aquarium, zoo, gym or a show!  Doesn’t take up any space and the memories last forever!
  4.  Gift card to a local restaurant, or even better – Target or the grocery store!  Every minimalist loves simplicity and taking one item off their list – paying for groceries – is something everyone can enjoy.
  5.  Baked goods – made by YOU!  Not so much a baker?  That’s ok! Find a small local bakery and ask them to make something special and one of a kind for your loved one to enjoy.

Creating Space for Memories to Blossom

Posted on: December 1st, 2018 by Open Space Organizing

When you decide to get organized, the first step all organizers suggest is to purge. In talking to our clients, it seems that purging is actually not the most difficult part – it’s deciding what and how to purge.


Around this time of year, nostalgia runs high as we pull out the holiday memories from years past. In speaking with our clients, they have said over and over – momentos, items that hold heartfelt significance, are the most difficult to go through.


Good news is, it’s ok to keep them, if that’s what you choose.


The purpose of organizing and being organized, and really, making any changes in your life, is your search for peace and joy in our lives. At times, holding on to items that that bring back memories bring us intense joy, at other times, they do not.


This season, as the decorations, recipes, and favorite family gatherings come out, remember to ask yourself, does this item light me up? Does it bring me joy? If so, find a special place for it. If not, it is ok to let it go! Give yourself permission to keep the memory and let go of the item.


Give yourself space for new memories to bloom and blossom come spring.


Blooming new memories:

  • Gather friends and family for a game night
  • Find a local trivia night
  • Story time at the library or bookstore with the kids
  • Find a local Facebook interest group, plan a meet up with new friends
  • Give the gift of an EXPERIENCE – like a zoo pass


Give the gift of space to yourself or a loved one!

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