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Clutter To Clear; The Story Of “Bob”

Posted on: June 1st, 2017 by Open Space Organizing

Moving from clutter to clear is the story of one man’s journey back to simplicity and functionality. Bob’s story begins like so many other client’s stories begin. His life and his space were organized and functioning well until…

A Life Event
For many, a life event can cause a cascade of changes which upset and upend day to day routines, finances and priorities. For Bob, this event was the illness of his partner. This event brought with it a decline in finances, a loss of time, a change in priorities, a relocation, emotional stress and a loss of focus. As Bob attempted to balance these changes the result was a depletion of energy which made the adjustments even harder. Where once there was a known routine, there now was nothing that looked familiar.

The Pile Up
Time passed, and Bob established some new routines. A routine of caring for his space and creating a home life, since his partner’s illness, however, did not happen. Bob spent minimal time at home and therefore did not give much thought to arranging, decorating, organizing or upkeep. Home was a place he stopped at in between his other responsibilities, so items piled up and items were lost. At times, Bob made sporadic and brief attempts to get his space back under control. He would clean out an area or purchase organizing containers, but these attempts did not effect a big change. Then one of Bob’s friends stepped in and offered to get Bob help by way of hiring a professional organizer. Bob readily agreed to the offer of help and so our work to move from clutter to clear began.

A New Beginning
From the start I was struck by Bob’s willingness to work hard and make changes to impact his space. He donated, recycled and tossed what he did not need or use. He quickly made decisions on what to keep, or what to give away. Each day we worked together he made multiple trips to the dumpster, recycle bin and his car to remove items. The table was cleared, the counters were cleared, the cabinets were purged and talk of having friends over increased.

As his space moved from clutter to clear he seemed to become lighter, more at ease. He talked about how he could set up areas in his space for function and use. As the clutter left, hope came in. Bob created a comfortable and simple space to live in by being open to changing what was in his environment and as a result he was able to make his space a home again.

Many, like Bob, get lost because of life events, demands and busyness and end up buried in stuff. And just like in Bob’s case these situations can be improved, challenges met and the calm under the clutter can always be found! There is always hope!

If you need help to move your space from clutter to clear contact Open Space Organizing today!

Clutter to clear after a storm

The clear after a storm