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Simplicity and Organizing

Posted on: November 20th, 2016 by Open Space Organizing

Simplicity in our spaces and schedules leads to an ease in the ability to organize both. As we simplify, weeding out excess, it becomes possible to see what we have, what we need and what it is ok to let go of. Having less enables one to get clear on what is important. This can be especially useful to do before the overwhelm of the holiday season, which brings additional demands and complications to our time, our finances and our space. Keeping it simple and organized brings calmness into our lives.

Achieving Simplicity in Your Home:
Consider why you are keeping items you are not using, or have duplicates of
Have a donation box/bag accessible to add donations to, on an ongoing basis
Have a plan in place to donate, recycle or toss those items
Especially for the holidays:
Review your holiday decorations
Donate or toss any decorations you no longer love
Toss any decorations that are broken
Make a plan to keep decorations simple (easier to put up, easier to take down, easier to store)

Achieving Simplicity in Your Calendar:
Say no to some holiday commitments and events – create a limit and stick to it
Say yes only to what you truly want to do
Schedule nights off on the calendar
Schedule family time on the calendar (game night, movie night, make dinner together night)
Repeat anything you did last year that you loved
Avoid anything you did last year you did not love
Schedule an event/activity you missed last year that you wish you had done
Be purposeful, have a plan

Achieving Simplicity in Your Thoughts:
Practice gratitude daily
Keep focused on what you have
Prioritize and work on one thing at a time
Remind yourself to keep it simple

Happy Thanksgiving from Open Space Organizing!
Make it a great holiday!!