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Dreading Your Own Basement?

Posted on: May 8th, 2017 by Open Space Organizing

Dreading your own basement? Is it beginning to look and feel like the set from a horror movie? Has it become a dusty, dark, disorganized area for storing items you are not sure what to do with? You are not alone. Basements are a challenging area for many as they are out of the way, large, and have a door you can close. They become a spot for delayed decisions. Items that are still “good”, but no longer being used, get boxed, binned or bagged and brought down. Instead of deciding to recycle or donate the item becomes delegated to the basement, where it can languish sometimes for years, forgotten! Things get piled on top of one another and chaos results. The chore to find something is so daunting and time consuming that the owner gives up and either does without or goes to the store and buys new. Dreading your own basement becomes something you start to accept. The door remains closed and the space is unused.

Tips To Reclaim Your Basement (and make Hollywood look elsewhere for their horror movie set):
*Make a plan for how you would like to use the area. Examples; Exercise Area, Play/Toy Area, Craft Area, Theatre Area, etc.
* Purge items not being used, or not needed. Hint; items that have 4 inches of dust on them, items that no one can identify, items the family has outgrown, items missing key pieces, etc.
* Designate one area for storage to resist using the entire basement for storage. Use labels in this area to indicate what item goes where.
* Carefully consider new items before bringing them down. Consider if it is needed, if you already have one, or if you are keeping it just because there is room.
Follow these tips and turn your horror set back into a useful space!

The opposite of dreading your basement

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