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Change Seasons, Change Space

Posted on: September 1st, 2019 by Open Space Organizing


As summer draws to a close and the weather begins to turn, I feel motivated to make adjustments in my home space.  Sometimes it’s a closet refresh, sometimes a maneuvering of furniture, sometimes the beginning of a whole new chapter.  In the Chicago area, the change in seasons from summer to fall can mean a big change in the weather. It’s now time to pull out the scarves, sweaters and boots!  During this time of year, when we swap our summer wardrobes for fall and winter, it is also a wonderful opportunity to purge some of the items you aren’t deeply in love with anymore.  A fun fall idea to motivate your purging is to have a wardrobe, purse or jewelry swap with friends!  Purge your items, and swap for something new – costs you nothing, and gives you a fun night out with friends!


The best part about fall for me – BACK TO SCHOOL!  The school supplies, crisp air, and renewed feeling of learning always excites me!  However, for little kids, adjusting to a new school routine and staying organized can be tricky.  Routines can be so helpful with this. Having the same wake up time every day, setting aside time for homework every day at the same time, having a place for backpacks to hang and reminders to hang them there – everyday.


Students need a homework station – and even in the smallest of spaces, this can be accomplished.  Having a clear space with a jar for pens, pencils, rulers, glue, etc. is really all that’s needed.  But it needs to be clutter-free and removed from distractions like phones, TV and games.


Create a space for backpacks for school as well as activity bags for sports, teams, etc. In the mudroom, or garage are great places for these!  Use your vertical space and 3M hooks to hang bags in neat order!  When it’s game-time, you can just grab and go!


Keep the Back to School Prep Going!

Posted on: September 1st, 2019 by Open Space Organizing


School is well under way for most students now!  Backpacks are purchased, new shoes are sized, hair cuts are had, and first day outfits have been worn.


Now, after two weeks of school, do you still know where those backpacks, shoes and new jeans ARE?!


In order to STAY organized, we absolutely MUST have a place for everything, and put everything in it’s place!  This month really got away from me, as you can see by the delay in the newsletter and blog post!  The fall is a busy time for everyone, whether you’re “celebrating” back to school or not, and it’s a great time to organize a few small areas of your home.


First, the “landing place”.  This is the spot in your home where everything seems to land when you all walk in the door.  Is it the front room?  Kitchen table or counter?  Bedrooms?  Wherever your landing pad is, you need to have designated areas for things like: mail, keys, sunglasses, purse or wallet, backpacks, etc.


Mail can sometimes be the bane of my existence – I might not get to sorting it right away and it piles up!  I have taught myself that I really don’t like it when there is a pile so I have to deal with it right away!  File papers in a “to-do” or “to-pay” folder, toss the junk, and put away the magazines!  When you receive a new monthly, recycle the old one – yes, even if you’re not totally done reading it!  It’s ok, I promise.


Find a hook or shelf for purses and backpacks and always put them back. It only takes a minute to do this and it will save you so much time later. Stop the endless morning search for your belongings!  A small basket for KEYS ONLY.  Don’t put your chapstick in there.  No coins.  Do not empty your receipts in there. You can create other homes for those things.  Let your key basket be for your keys only.  A place for everything and everything in it’s own place.