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Resolutions for Change in 2017

Posted on: January 2nd, 2017 by Open Space Organizing

What are your resolutions for change in 2017?  

Resolutions are an opportunity to set goals, move toward and reach goals, to strive for improvement and positive change. The National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) agrees goals are important and declares January as GO Month, or Get Organized Month. I am a firm believer in setting resolutions in order to achieve results. Leaving goals and self improvement to chance rarely works. When you write down a goal, picture your end result and outline steps to reach your goals, you are setting your mind to work toward that goal.

One of the most important steps in reaching any goal is to begin. Remember the sooner you start, the sooner you will achieve your results. Think the opposite of procrastination. There are theories that what you do at the beginning of the New Year will set the tone for your entire year so now is the time to get moving. When you start to make positive changes it creates momentum for you to keep going. “A body in motion will tend to stay in motion,” Isaac Newton. Use the truth of this law of motion to your advantage.   


Most Popular Resolutions

According to Statistic Brain, the most popular resolutions are to get fit/lose weight and get organized. Losing weight and getting organized are both important ways to improve your life. For organizing, whether it is your home, your office, or your schedule, being disorganized costs you time, money, energy and peace of mind. A pile up of stuff, even if it is not in your direct sight, can be weighing on your mind and disrupting your productivity and causing stress. 


Broken Resolutions

Have you made resolutions in the past and broken them after only a couple weeks or months? This too is common and for many the answer is to get help to achieve results. If you have failed before I can help you to make plans, focus on your commitment and work through obstacles that arise. I can motivate, coach and teach the skills you need to keep your resolution to get organized. I will work with you to increase the flow and function of your space to get organized and stay organized!


My gift to you for the start of 2017 is $50 off any organizing package purchased in January! 

Commit to positive change!