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Anything Can Become Clutter

Posted on: August 19th, 2016 by Open Space Organizing

Organizing Supplies Can Become Clutter Too

Clutter is anything in excess, more than you use, or have adequate space for. Even items meant to contain clutter can become clutter as you keep buying, to solve the problem. Items such as containers, stacking drawers, totes, bins, expanding file folders, trays, etc. do not create space or clear clutter but can serve instead to hide the issue. Buying supplies helps us to feel like we are fixing the problem. We are doing something, expending energy and taking action. Is it the most effective action though? Much like buying work out clothes will not get you fit, buying organizing supplies will not get you organized. You have to do the work of sorting, purging and organizing to effect a change in your surroundings. You have to break a sweat!

After you have done your organizing “workout” and shed some of the “weight” of your excess you can see what you actually need, as far as supplies. Now it may be time to purchase new. Below are some helpful tips to use when you are ready to purchase those new containers for your space.

Container Tips:
Use what you already own first.
Measure and consider the container sizes needed before you go shopping.
Keep containers uniform for each area you are working in.
For storage items, buy clear containers so you can see what is inside.
Label all containers, label them uniformly and place labels in the same spot on each container (upper right hand corner, for instance).

To get yourself started or to keep yourself going on any of your organizing projects consider getting the help of a Professional Organizer through Open Space Organizing. We can help you with any project, big or small. Contact us today for a consultation! 630-453-2582