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Minimalist On Your List

Minimalist On Your List

Posted on: December 21st, 2018 by Open Space Organizing

What do you give the person who wants LESS in their home?  Here are five ideas to get you started!  Comment below with more!


  1.  Massage, hair cut or mani/pedi. Who doesn’t love a little pampering!  Most of us – moms especially – don’t make time for self-care. Help mom out this year and let her relax!
  2.  Food or wine.  Friend have a favorite wine or snack from that specialty shop that’s a little far from them?  Pop in and grab their most loved flavors – maybe they’ll even share!
  3.  Passes or tickets to the museum, aquarium, zoo, gym or a show!  Doesn’t take up any space and the memories last forever!
  4.  Gift card to a local restaurant, or even better – Target or the grocery store!  Every minimalist loves simplicity and taking one item off their list – paying for groceries – is something everyone can enjoy.
  5.  Baked goods – made by YOU!  Not so much a baker?  That’s ok! Find a small local bakery and ask them to make something special and one of a kind for your loved one to enjoy.

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