Cool temps keeping you inside?

Cool temps keeping you inside?

Posted on: October 13th, 2019 by Open Space Organizing

Fall has officially arrived here in Chicagoland. The temperature has dropped below 70 during the day, and the evenings are borderline cold. Cooler temperatures mean more time inside – is your home ready for that? Besides weatherproofing, does your family have indoor activities ready to go and easy to find? Indoor space to play and relax?

The fall is the time for change. As the leaves turn from greens to all the reds, yellows and browns, we prepare for the winter ahead, and that includes our homes. Clearing clutter, just like clearing the fallen leaves, prepares us for the spring. Once the clutter is gone, the flowers of our minds and hearts can truly bloom.

Start small – as you pull out the decorations for the fall and winter holidays, consider what you aren’t totally in love with, and release it. Let it go, give it to charity and let someone else love it. Let it out of it’s cardboard box prison and let someone treasure it, the way you once did.

Even if it was a gift, or a treasured craft created by your child, you can release the object, while keeping the memory. You could even take a photo of it, and create a slide show for your screen saver, letting the memory of the object come to you a few times a day!

Let OSO help you save time this fall, get organized and create family friendly systems, so you can feel peace in your space!

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