Make Space this May!

Make Space this May!

Posted on: May 10th, 2019 by Open Space Organizing


Spring is the perfect time to get organizing projects done! Then kick back and enjoy your summer!


Isn’t life wonderful when you can wake up on a warm summer morning and say, “let’s go!” and pack up the family and off you trot on adventurers?  Or when the kids need an activity and you have one ready and available?  Or when a friend pops over for a glass of ice tea? I know that’s how I want to spend my summer!


It’s much easier to go at the drop of a hat when your belongings are easy to find! It’s no stress when a good friend comes by for a chat when my home is in order. So, let’s ready ourselves for summer fun by spending a few hours getting our spaces back to ground zero and then 5-10 minutes every evening resetting our homes!  Let’s get ready for whatever lies ahead!


To all the moms, all of us here at Open Space Organizing want to wish you the most joyful and easy Mother’s Day. We’d like to surprise you with a FREE hour of organizing this month to the first ten people to contact us!  On top of that, with every purchase made in May, you’ll receive Shakelee cleaning products, because they’re my favorite, and you can keep your home sparkling without chemicals!



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