Independence From Clutter!

Independence From Clutter!

Posted on: June 29th, 2019 by Open Space Organizing

So have you decided to declare your freedom from clutter?  Are you looking for more space in your life for summer fun?  Are you struggling to find items you tucked away after last summer?  Have a closet or two holding your suitcases or camping equipment hostage?


The first step is to take baby steps and start with one space.  Pick one table, closet or drawer to tackle TODAY.  Take everything out and decide if you need it – if you truly love it, keep it!  If you don’t REALLY love it, then decide – is it trash or can I give it away?  Once a week, do one space.  Make room to put things away, and cut down on clutter on your tables, counters and shelves.  Give yourself permission to give away things that were gifts or even items you purchased but haven’t used. Their purpose was served – to make you happy in the moment of receiving them or in the moment of purchasing.  But now that time has passed and their usefulness is done.  Let someone else find pleasure in these items.  It will fill your heart with pleasure to gift them away.


Cutting down on what you have in your space, and storing it in a way that is easy to access, slows down your pace of life and leaves you time to spend with  friends and family.


So, let’s enjoy this summer, in peace and independence from clutter in our space!