Your Christmas Presence Is The Best Gift Of All

Your Christmas Presence Is The Best Gift Of All

Posted on: December 11th, 2017 by Open Space Organizing

Christmas presence is remembering to be present for the holidays. It is easy to get caught up in spending all your time and energy on shopping for presents instead of enjoying the moment. Your traditions and time spent together are what create memories to cherish.  

Chasing material possessions and over-buying can cause added stress during an already busy season. The meaning and fun of Christmas can be lost in the hustle and bustle. Be aware of striving for perfection or responding to advertisements to acquire more and more! Less is, less stressful and less costly.

Take a moment, think back and remember some of your fondest holiday memories! What came to mind… was it the holiday tree, a special activity, singing carols with family, or reaching out to help others in need?

If you are like most people you remembered an experience or special holiday event as opposed to the number of gifts you received. Our memories tend to not clutter our closets, basement, garage, or require costly storage units to keep.

Tips To Keep Your Christmas Presence:
  • Schedule a night off to relax with family or friends
  • Declutter your schedule and say NO to some invitations
  • Prioritize commitments and say YES to activities that are most important
  • Save time and money by not over-buying gifts
  • Simplify decorations and save time putting up and taking down 
During the holiday season focus on what is most important, and remember less is more. Keep your Christmas Presence by keeping it simple! Open Space Organizing is here to help if you need it!
Your Christmas Presence

Christmas Presence over Christmas Presents